Craig is seventeen and thinks he has it all. But things change when he decides to leave home before he's ready. With nowhere to go he quickly realises real life isn't as easy as he first thought. We follow him over the next two years as desperation leads to drugs, relationship breakdown and eventually prison.

Until It's Gone is a hard-hitting production for 13 -18 year olds based on the true-life stories of homeless young people. Now in it's tenth year of touring, the show has been performed over 600 times to more than 70,000 young people across the country.

The session lasts 1 hour and includes a performance and interactive workshop. We can accommodate audience sizes of anything between 6 and 250 young people at a time depending on the venue.




I loved it! It really inspired me to make something of my life, thank you!
— Pupil
Caistor Yarborough Academy

Production Photos


2018 Cast

Jess Bark
Daniel Morgan
Steph Newall
Jay Petherick




Writer / Director
Toby Ealden

Joel Atkins

Fiona Moon

10/10 amazing!
— Teacher
Carres Grammar School, Sleaford
A triumph!
— Assistant Principal
Gainsborough Academy

Help and Advice

Seen our production of Until It's Gone? Then check out these links for further help, information and advice including local services available to you!

Runaway Text Helpline

116 000

Runaway Helpline
116 000 (24/7)

Shelter - housing advice
0808 800 4444 (8am – 8pm)

0800 1111

Frank – Drug Help, Info and Advice
0800 77 66 00

Women’s Aid – Domestic Violence Advice (lads too!)
0808 2000 247

Sex – Worth Talking About


Topics Covered

This exciting play and accompanying workshop gives young people the opportunity to explore a range of difficult and complicated issues in an innovative and accessible way. Until It's Gone covers the following topics:

Relationship breakdown in families
Relationship breakdown between friends
Teenage Pregnancy
Alcohol and Substance Misuse
Rough sleeping
Domestic violence (this is described)
Migrant workers
Conflict Resolution
Sex and Relationships
Peer Pressure
Action and Consequence
The reasons why people can become homeless
Realisation that homelessness could affect any of us
Signposting to services that can give help, info and advice

Education work with young people is critical in reducing youth homelessness and the poor life outcomes that can result. Your production is engaging, hard hitting and realistic. I would certainly recommend to local authorities that they consider this sort of approach in their early intervention and prevention work. If it stops just 3 or 4 young people in every authority from becoming homeless and/or looked after, it will pay for itself easily and is a invest to save solution for commissioners.
— Anna Whelan
National Youth Homelessness Advisor, St Basils

Originally commissioned by the Lincolnshire Homelessness Strategy Group