From 2008 to 2015 Neon was Zest's youth theatre programme for young people in Lincolnshire.

After 7 amazing years Neon closed in June 2015. In that time we created 10 original stage shows and 2 short films that we are amazingly proud of! The impact that this project is clear to see through the quality of the shows we produced. Take a look at all these productions below:


Wake Up Call

2015 Neon Spalding

When the pressure of operating within a rigorous system becomes too overwhelming, a group of young people decide to break away from conformity. But without the system to protect them when things go wrong, their dream quickly becomes a nightmare they long to wake up from.

Bite Me!

2015 Neon Lincoln

Step into Hayde labs for the VIP launch of a revolutionary new energy drink. Meet the Prime Minister, become a scientist, fight a zombie or even become one! Which path will you follow? Will you have what it takes to survive? There’s only one way to find out…

Real To Reel

2014 Neon Spalding

When the boredom threatens to sabotage the school holidays for five friends, an invitation from a mysterious professor becomes the answer to their prayers.


Delayed Departure

2014 Neon Lincoln

In the hustle and bustle of a busy train station Eve has been overlooked amongst the chaos. With her parents absent Eve embarks on a magical adventure to confront the demons of her real life.

Nipper Towers

2013 Neon Spalding

Two rival schools find themselves trapped together in a haunted hotel. Together they go on a journey of self-discovery whilst they unravel the mystery of Tom The Nipper.

Sleep Tight

2013 Neon Lincoln

Kingdom City has become the home of ruthless criminals who prey on the young. A dark and gritty musical play based on the world's most loved fairytales.


Virtually Yours

2012 Neon Lincoln

A bittersweet musical comedy about social networking. A group of teenagers crave love and friendship; fortunately Friendspace is there to help them out.

Wear What You Will

2011 Neon Lincoln

Step into the stylish world of Fashionista Magazine; where appearances are not quite what they seem and everyone has fallen madly in love with the wrong person!

Choked Up (film)

2010 Neon Lincoln

Follow Josh, his family and his friends as they deal with the consequences of smoking and the impact it has on their lives.


No Place Like Home

2010 Neon Lincoln

Hillside Close is just like any other street. But when a series of incidents forces the neighbourhood together, they realise that home is much more than just bricks and mortar.

One Friday Night (film)

2009 Neon Lincoln

Join a group of teenagers on One Friday Night that will change their lives forever.

Four Stories High

2009 Neon Lincoln

Meet the teachers, pupils and parents of Greymoor High School as they journey through another academic year of hormones, hoodies... and megaphones!?


Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England

2011 - 2012
Self funded

2008 - 2011
Supported by Lincolnshire County Council Youth Opportunities Fund