In a world of twee, happy-go-lucky music festivals, Lost Village is a unique and immersive experience. Taking place in an abandoned woodland in the heart of the Lincolnshire countryside, Lost Village immediately evokes feelings of intrigue and curiosity, a real-life choose-your-own-adventure with its ever evolving narrative.

It is said that this is a place where frequencies flicker and reality distorts. A place where people, things and objects appear and disappear in the blink of an eye. A place where time and space twists and the inexplicable occurs… Whilst the truth about the Lost Village remains unsolved, what is clear is that this is a place where strange things have happened.

With open-minds and powerful energy, inquisitive groups from around the world are able to gain access to the Lost Village for 3 days every year. Many wear clothes of the past, in a bid to blend in with those suspected of inhabiting the woods. Some wear bright colours, as a mark of respect and positivity. Others simply go in search of those who never returned. With offerings of music and rituals of the modern world, explorers hope to one day find uncover the truth behind this mysterious domain.

Those on the outside will never understand...

Lost Village far outperforms the rest of the festival circuit on its all-consuming narrative... This was like a live film set – a mystery to be unpicked for anyone curious enough to piece together the clues.
— Bizarre Culture
The event has a large cast of actors and a director, so there’s a constant story unravelling
— Ministry of Sound Magazine
Lost Village has raised the bar yet again
— The Mirror