Best Small Festival
UK Festival Awards 2017

Best Production
UK Festival Awards 2017

Best Boutique Festival
DJ Mag Awards 2017

Lost Village in an immersive festival experience like no other. Since 2015, the Zest team have been creating the narrative of the Lost Village - a continually evolving story that unfolds year on year. The forest is completely transformed with intricate set designs, decoration and installations, combined with a huge cast of characters, who play out the story of the Lost Village. 14,000 Festival-goers step into the story each year, interacting with characters and guiding events as they unfold. Cutting-edge music, incredible food, water-side relaxation, hilarious comedy and insightful talks and workshops all combine to create a totally incomparable experience...

The event has a large cast of actors and a director, so there’s a constant story unravelling
— Ministry of Sound Magazine
An Absolute Stormer
— Time Out
People gathered at the lake to catch a collaborative performance by the actors seen dotted around the site all weekend...A cloud drifted across the moon, curling around it and darkening the sky. It was as if the organisers had managed to rope the moon into the performance. So seamless was the organisation of Lost Village 2017 that a cooperative moon was almost believable.
— Resident Advisor
Lost Village far outperforms the rest of the festival circuit on its all-consuming narrative... This was like a live film set – a mystery to be unpicked for anyone curious enough to piece together the clues.
— Bizarre Culture
Festival Perfection
— MixMag

Cast 2019

Creatives For Zest 2019

Sophia Bebyck
Ellen Carter
Laura Cork
Celeste De Veazey
Claire Gaydon
Justyn Huntley
Pierre Lafayette-Marsh
Chelsey Lee
Mike McCallum
Brendan McCoy

Dan Morgan
Amy O'Sullivan
Amelia Parrilion
Scott Perry
Stefan Ruiz
Jake Setters
Kyle Sterland
Luke Vernon
Rose Wardle

Toby Ealden

Catherine Fowles

Jenny Daniels
Toby Ealden
with additional material from the Company

Costume and Make Up Design
Helen Symonds

Assistant Directors / Stage Management
Jess Bark
Jenny Daniels
Georgina Weller

Sophia Bebyck
Pierre Lafayette-Marsh
Amy O'Sullivan

Hair & Make Up
Joe Gray
Holly Quinn
Georgie Turner
Marco Wilkinson

Carrie Bailiss

Assistant Stage Managers
Jade Hunt
Saffiah Sanders-Bailey