First Person

Touring UK from Summer 2017

Two players enter the labyrinth of a virtual world and compete for the ultimate prize: happiness. The First Person to complete the game and find happiness is the winner! It’s that easy. All they need to do is follow the voice of the unseen Guide and they’ll be just fine. But in our harsh world of winners and losers, is the Guide aiding their journey, or relishing in their demise? 

Made especially for public spaces and influenced by video games; First Person is a quirky fusion of fast paced narrative, physical theatre and silent disco technology. Grab your headphones, predict your winner and cheer them on to the finish line.


Lost Village Festival

August 2018

In a world of twee, happy-go-lucky music festivals, Lost Village is a unique and immersive experience. Taking place in an abandoned woodland in the heart if the Lincolnshire countryside, Lost Village immediately evokes feelings of intrigue and curiosity, a real-life choose-your-own-adventure with its ever-evolving narrative.

Until It's Gone

Touring UK Schools Spring 2018

When Craig decides to leave home he quickly realises that real life isn't as easy as he first thought. Until It's Gone is a hard-hitting production based on the true-life stories of homeless young people.